Our approach is designed to be developed in a collective and collaborative manner. It involves all the company’s key players, employees, customers and partners, at their respective levels.

Choosing right actions and best practices

In order to enable everyone to participate in the joint effort initiated by the company, we rely on several means of raising awareness. Our CSR charter is given to each person, along with our best practice guide, which is constantly being enriched. Our CSR ambassadors communicate the actions to be adopted with employees and any new arrivals.

Selecting our components with the environment in mind

We pay particular attention to the selection of components for our materials, products and packaging. All our teams are continuously monitoring the market and their activities, to identify ever more ethical alternatives in a genuine improvement process.

For example, PLA, cassava, coffee grounds, natural rubber, natural ingredients from organic farming, vegetable-based ink, wood and FSC-certified boxes… are all raw materials that allow us to reduce our packaging, promote recycling and reduce our impact on the environment.

Reducing the environmental impact of our operations

We take action to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting our travel, optimising our transport loads, working with contracted carriers, by looking for alternatives to sea and air carriage for our supplies, giving preference to rail transportation.

We raise consumer awareness of waste segregation by printing clear instructions on all packaging and we deploy a collection and treatment policy for company waste to allow recycling in specific sorting centres.

Our recent headquarters in Bonneuil sur Marne, France, built in 2014, have been designed to give priority to equipment that minimises water and energy consumption and reduces our impact on the environment.