Encouraging our partners to be human rights guarantors and environmentally conscious

We rigorously select our partners while respecting ethical principles, good conduct and fundamental human rights, in particular the exclusion of discrimination, forced labour and child exploitation, but also corruption.
In this respect, we favour long-term partnerships with our suppliers, based on an relationship of loyalty and mutual trust. Genuine collaborations that take shape through daily exchanges with our marketing teams in their constant search for the right product in terms of quality, innovation and price.

We seek independent audit offices, monitor the social and environmental components of our suppliers, and we also organise visits to our suppliers. We work directly with our partners and limit the number of intermediaries to ensure that commitments are met. Indeed, through a Business Agreement, we ensure compliance with general purchasing conditions, regulations and logistics specifications in order to better protect human health and the environment while innovating in our developments.
We favour French and European production wherever possible.

Ensuring quality and an ethical life cycle for our products

Aware that a long-lasting product is a product that has less impact on the environment, we strive to think of the product in a way that reduces its environmental impact throughout its lifecycle, by choosing raw materials and eco-friendly packaging.
To meet these requirements, from the development phase until the product is placed on the market, we ensure its conformity, compliance with standards and traceability through control plans carried out by third-party laboratories and inspection companies.

In addition, the products are manufactured in reasonable quantities, in line with consumer expectations, to avoid any overstocking, thanks to an efficient supply tool. Finally, we are particularly vigilant in reallocating our end of series, which may be donated to charitable organisations.

Respecter la loyauté des pratiques et l’éthique commerciale

We work honestly and transparently to establish an efficient and balanced collaboration with all our clients.
The sales department, in the offers and product references it proposes, undertakes to respect anti-competitive practices and conflicts of interest. The department also respects the confidentiality of the information exchanged with its customers.

In addition, we are committed to ensuring that our products do not infringe the rights of third parties as constituting counterfeiting and unfair competition.
Finally, we guarantee that we are holders of all the intellectual and industrial property rights necessary for the marketing of our products by our customers.

Building supportive partnerships

In line with our values, we are committed to causes that are dear to us.
We provide help and support to charitable organisations by making donations or offering products or equipment.
In addition, we have been involved for many years in partnerships with local ESATs (organisation or services providing assistance through work) to promote the independence of disabled workers and their integration into the mainstream employment market. They bring us their expertise on a daily basis.